Travel Program Audit

Travel Program Audit

Sometimes you need a clear set of eyes with some good data to look at your program in it’s entirety.

The travel program audit is a comprehensive analysis of your travel program that provides you with a tangible assessment that you can use towards making future improvements. By looking at all facets of your travel program, you can make changes that will yield service improvements and cost savings. Performed by our president, Brad has experience as both a travel manager and TMC executive, and he will leverage his years in the industry to bring you an unbiased performance review.

What do we need to get this Started?

We look at everything about your travel program - from agreements and travel data patterns, to understanding culture so that the recommendations do not conflict with the competitive environment or the corporate culture of your firm. Some of the items we will need include:

  • Travel Policy
  • Payment Policy
  • Expense Reporting Procedures
  • Fraud Procedures
  • Security and Safety Guidelines
  • Meeting Planning Procedures
  • Agency Agreements
  • Airline Agreements
  • Hotel Programs
  • Car Rental Policies and Agreements
  • Additional Ground Transportation Guidelines
  • Online Agreements
  • and any other mutually agreed to areas

If you would like to learn more about the program audit then all you need to do is give Rebecca a call at 503-828-0986 or send her an email at

Topaz International, Ltd. | 503-622-8966

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