Internet Airfare Audit

When you really want to know if your travel is cheaper on the Internet.

When the internet became a distribution channel for airfares and everything else travel, there was a belief that everything can be found cheaper on the internet. Unfortunately that is not always the case. But that did not prevent those in marketing from screaming that airfares are always cheaper online. In fact, while sometimes they are, usually they are not. The Topaz Internet Audit will compare your bookings to other internet sites of your choice. Many clients conduct this internet travel audit to compare corporate self booking tools, online sites, and private airline sites. Often times, the resulting data helps prevent or justify employee complains that they can find lower fares.

Why would you require a Topaz Internet Audit?

There are always those employees and heavy business travelers that think they know everything there is to know about travel. They are not focused on their jobs, but rather on proving that your travel program and your dedicated TMC or even your dedicated online booking tool are in fact inferior to what they can find and book. Allow an independent company using your policy and your parameters to either prove or disprove your theories of what is happening.

Some Things to Consider

This audit does not require any intervention by your TMC, except to set up the queues so we can see your reservations. We compare them to the internet site of your choice and you can determine what how compare your booked travel:
We can compare the booked flights to the exact same flights on the websites you select; or
We can compare the booked flights to alternatives that are within your policy parameters on the websites you select.

Do you think your booked airfares completed within your travel program are really the best and there are not cheaper alternatives on the internet? Then give Michele a call at 503-622-8971 or email her at

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