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One year Ago Today in Boston

It was one year ago that another terrorist event took place in the United States.  For me, September 11th had a profound effect on how I live, and how I always focused on...

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The Timing of an Airfare Audit

Does time matter?  Yes it can, and while our audit guidelines state that we will audit global domestic, international and/or intra-regional PNRs within 24 business hours,...

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Our Employees Make the Difference

One of the main benefits of being the point of contact person for potential clients as well as current clients is that I have the opportunity to hear the many compliments about my colleagues here at...

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Topaz to Offer Commission Audits

Today we are pleased to announce a new service designed for Corporate Travel Managers that desire to have audits performed on their travel commission rebates.  Considered by many to be a taboo subject,...

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New Business Announcement

In our small industry of corporate travel we make many friends, and we rely on many that give honest, independent advice.  I am pleased to bring to your attention today a new advisor in the corporate...

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