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Airlines Rankings - Tell me how you really feel

Post by Michele Simon Really, Delta is #1? recently posted their domestic airline ratings, and surprisingly (at least to me) Delta got the #1...

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Value Travel Management #13: Audit and Verify

We are almost at the end - lucky #13 about value travel management is in fact audit. And before you accuse me of self serving sales pitches, I want you to hear me out....

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Is your Online Booking Tool Really 100% Accurate?

Now that the majority of our clients have incorporated an Online Booking Tool (OBT) into their corporate travel program, we thought this might be a good opportunity to encourage you to always include...

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2015 is just around the corner!

Can you believe another year has gone by, another GBTA conference is wrapping up, and we are talking about 2015?  This means you are about in the middle of or starting your budgeting for 2015 - and...

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Heading to GBTA? Let's get together.

Are you planning on attending GBTA this month in Los Angeles? If so, we would welcome the opportunity to meet with you in person to hear any issues you might be having and how we can help. Topaz will...

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