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A new way to travel: Travel Nice

It is the power of belief.  The power of pursuasion.  The power of collective thinking.  It is time to get up and make a change. I want to change the way travel is....

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Why Advice can help you and your program

Do you know what happens when you get old?  Well, rather than focus on the bad things like expanding wastelines, sagging body parts and more pain points on your body, you...

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Does Order of Display Impact Decisions?

Last week when I was in Seattle presenting to the local business travel association chapter, something strange happened. I got caught off guard. You see, after my session when I was speaking with some...

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How all those decisions impact your travel program

Here at Topaz, we have questioned from time to time if we should simplify our menu of products. You know, one size fits all. Kind of like In-n-Out Burger - hamburgers and fries - that is all so take it...

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Announcing Advice by Topaz

Topaz would like to offer a helping hand (or an ear) to make your travel program better, faster, more efficient and have the best return it can, so we are rolling out a new product called "Advice"....

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