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2014 is almost fully committed

As usually happens after the annual GBTA Conference, we are being inundated with interest in our airfare auditing services.  I am not sure if it’s the many meetings we have...

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Value Travel Management #12: Not just about Mobile

So are you up on everything Mobile? Well forget it - it is more - because it is more than just an Iphone - or an Android - or an Ipad or a Tablet - or whatever they call...

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Heading to GBTA? Let's get together.

Are you planning on attending GBTA this month in Los Angeles? If so, we would welcome the opportunity to meet with you in person to hear any issues you might be having and how we can help. Topaz will...

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Why CTDs Need Airfare Audits

Last year at GBTA I listened to a discussion regarding CTDs (Corporate Travel Department) and the processes involved with operating one including the necessary service elements. One theme I heard over...

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How long should you audit?

We receive this question a lot - probably every time we are discussing a potential audit project with a client - and always recommend three months or longer. While our minimum length of time for any...

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