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What I learned at GBTA?

You like this stuff?   More people came up to me and said they loved what I was writing about in these blog posts.  You loved my perspective - and you wanted me to...

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The cost of selling your product

When you have a product, you must get it to the customer.  When you have a service, you must also get it to the customer.  These are one of the foundations of business...

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Entertaining Travel Experiences

When you enter this god forsaken industry we fondly refer to as travel, we often think of the bad and the ugly. If you have been in it long enough, you wonder what happened to the seat side carving...

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Getting Ready for 2016

As we head into November and the busy holiday season, it may be hard to believe but we are already scheduling many audit projects for 2016. With that in mind, if you are thinking of using any of our...

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What is the future of Corporate Travel Management?

During the ACTE Global Conference in Paris on October 15th, I will be moderating a panel discussion on this subject: The future of corporate travel management. I write about it today to each of you...

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