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Value Travel program #6 Measure your Performance - All of it

One of the most basic of all travel functions - and guess what?  I bet over 50% of travel programs do not measure their performance.  What they do not understand is that...

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Auditing does not go on vacation during the summer

Blog Post by Rebecca Frinell During my conversations with clients, the decision of whether or not to audit during the summer months occurs more often than not –...

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Topaz to Offer Commission Audits

Today we are pleased to announce a new service designed for Corporate Travel Managers that desire to have audits performed on their travel commission rebates.  Considered by many to be a taboo subject,...

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New Business Announcement

In our small industry of corporate travel we make many friends, and we rely on many that give honest, independent advice.  I am pleased to bring to your attention today a new advisor in the corporate...

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Return on Investment for a Topaz Audit

Many times we are asked for a Return on Investment (ROI) when companies are considering conducting a Topaz audit.  We realize that it's hard to specifically identify the ROI for this type of...

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