You negotiated good deals, now are you getting those deals?

Audit and Measurement for Procurement

The global leader in corporate travel auditing will soon be able to help procurement validate, measure and audit other services purchased by your company. We have applied the same principals that we were founded on in 1978 for business travel auditing to other products and services purchased by companies all over the world. They include:

  • Overnight Delivery
  • Office Supplies
  • Meeting Planning Services
  • Telecommunications
  • Freight

Coming soon we will have detailed explanation of the services we will provide to help you ensure you are getting what you have negotiated.  We will compare your actual invoices to the contracted rates that you have provided for us. Overcharges can be recovered from your suppliers, while accurate rates will give you peace of mind that you are doing what is right for your business and for your shareholders. For further information give us a call at 503-622-8966.

Topaz International, Ltd. | 503-622-8966

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