Travel Presentation Topics


"The Future of the Travel Manager"

The future of the travel manager is in jeopardy. They are tasked with providing value to their employers while being squeezed by suppliers that stop giving discounts. Airlines are saying that corporate discounts may be a thing of the past. Hotels do not want to give you a fixed price for the entire year. Obtaining information about what airfares and rates are available is becoming harder and harder with all the distribution options. Sales people are showering you with information about their products but are they helping you to do your job better or solving a problem? What is a travel manager to do? In this presentation and discussion, Brad will review all facets of the travel program and review options for providing true value to the travel manager so they may become a valuable asset to their companies.

"Social Media for the Travel Buyer"

Social Media is taking the world by storm. We all know about it, some of us dabble in it, and others waste a lot of time in it. But what is a travel manager to do that has way too much work and too little time to be spending on this new fad? The answer lies in determining what you want to achieve from social media and then using it to meet your goals. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Blogs, Vlogs, MySpace, and others are crowding the market in the world of social media. But what is a person to do with so little time? In this lively presentation Brad will look at the world from an older perspective that allows the Corporate Travel Manager to stay connected to the world of travel by using social media tools to their advantage.

"Predictions for Corporate Travel"

Predictions should be fun. Of course, you would like to have them accurate as well, but let’s face it, what happens in the future is really unknown. So in this alternative predictive presentation, Brad will not only look at some likely scenarios in corporate travel, he will look at some more playful and fun predictions for the future of corporate travel. Each of these presentations looks at the most recent news information in our industry and adjusts the presentation to meet the needs of the current state of travel.

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